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About ARMS Innovations

The Asset & Resource Management Solution (ARMS) is an Enterprise Level Software Platform and Quality Management System that digitises your assets & resources, through real time workflow automation, communication & insights, to deliver a safe and efficient operation that maximises business performance.

ARMS Innovations is the solution that digitises and transforms your business

The three software solutions we offer complement an array of businesses, from Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality, Health Care, Pharma & Property Maintenance. ARMS Innovations has a solution that will provide you with the analytical data and business insights to help deliver the edge over your competitors.

Conceived in 2016, ARMS Innovations was built, developed and tested as a product for one of the UK’s most profitable privately owned businesses, discount retailer – Home Bargains. Since its inception ARMS Software Solutions has been a supporting pillar in the drive for efficiency and Continuous Improvement culture within their two highly automated facilities in Liverpool and Amesbury.

ARMS Innovations is currently managing

11,500,000 Sq Ft in Property Maintenance

£140 Million pounds in gained volume

1.2 Million man hours saved and counting

£26 Million saved in labour costs

320,000 business critical assets monitored

Live H&S suite safeguarding stakeholders

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ARMS Software has been pivotal in helping Automation Engineers, Soft & Hard Facilities Teams, Operations & Retail Teams with the tools that they need to help contribute to one of the UK’s most profitable privately owned businesses, Home Bargains.

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