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ARMS On-Site Service solution

ARMS On-Site Service Solution is a market leading software product that manages all aspects of your engineering, facilities & H&S in your automated and manual distribution centres. Developed to drive efficiency and solve the operational challenges faced in highly automated environments. ARMS On-Site Service Solution interfaces with BMS, SCADA, PLC & IoT devices to automate business workflows in real time.

Events are intelligently triaged & assigned through to the appropriate department, contractor, trade & skill level, with the correct training, appropriate deadlines and all in real time (Business automation).

Events all have their own communication tools, such as chat logs, approval workflows, image attachment & annotations, voice notes, automated escalation, deadlines, and reporting, which drives quicker business decisions and efficiencies, whilst making the tools we use to communicate modern and intuitive to use…

ARMS On-Site solution has advanced modelling & mapping capabilities to accurately measure and report a systems availability (uptime) to deliver its maximum design throughput for large and complex integrated assemblies.

The solution optimizes the quality and utilisation of assets throughout their lifecycle, increases productive uptime and reduces operational costs

Built, not just designed

The real difference is in the function of the application, products that are built to meet the needs of automated warehouses and distribution centres, ARMS On-Site Service Solution has been built from the ground up to stand the test of time in Real-World environments. Robust, unique & engineered to work.

Watch the solution in action

Watch the ARMS On-Site Service Solution in a live environment at the Home Bargains DC in Wiltshire, UK

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